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On the first day of LEAP, I was thrust into a small classroom in the nearby town of Stamford, Connecticut, surrounded by people I did not know, or ever think I would come to know, despite the fact that they lived so close by. Over time, these people sitting in the room week after week from different racial, religious and socio-economic classes, learned to work with each other, understand each other and learn from each other.

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Born in Mexico City and raised in the United States, I grew up with deeply grounded roots in the Mexican and American cultures, experiencing and adapting to contrasts and similarities among its people and places. An accomplished visual artist and vocalist, I expressed and explored my artistic talents while also receiving a B.A. in International Relations at the Universidad de las Americas in Mexico, an M.A. in International Affairs at Columbia University in New York, and a B.A. in Studio Art from Hunter College in New York City.

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Born in the slums of Uganda, I was given the opportunity to study at one of the most prestigious schools in Uganda on scholarship. Living in a wealthy community and receiving the highest education I could receive, I studied alongside the children of diplomats, providing me with an intellectual edge and opportunity not available to many children in Uganda.

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LEAP did not just help me find healing from how broken I was, but it also helped me to find myself, and made me into the strong young woman I am today. LEAP became a second home to me, where I felt safe to express myself with open wings. It also opened my mind to show me I can do so much more than I ever initially imagined. LEAP helped me find my inner voice, and it taught me the skills I needed to help others to find a safe place to express themselves.

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