emBODY Leadership:
Stand Up and Lead

Canary Islands, Spain

March 3—10, 2019

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Research has proven that emotional intelligence accounts for the majority of an individual’s success.  Yet, our society tends to celebrate leaders, not because of their innate personal ability to lead themselves and others, but because of their professional job title or societal stature. LEAP4change creates programs that train emotionally intelligent leaders to reach their personal potential.

Our Methodology and Cultural Exposure:

The “emBODY Leadership” program is an investment in your personal leadership competences (knowledge, skills, and attitudes).  Our comprehensive, innovative, and holistic approach focuses on inner leadership, also referred to as self-leadership, personal leadership, or leading from within.

To maximize intercultural learning,  you will be teamed with participants from the U.S., Spain, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Netherlands, Portugal, Romania, and Turkey.  WOW is right!  LEAP4change is your place to travel and grow…together.

Our Goals are YOUR Goals:

Our goal is to equip you with the tools needed to become an emotionally intelligent leader in your jobs, universities, organizations, youth groups, local communities, and more.
Since personal growth requires reflection, relationships and resilience, we will enjoy exercises and yoga each morning on the beach with a trained physical therapist.

Throughout the rest of the day, we will learn from each other as we connect leadership to a different part of the human body.

The Hands of a Leader:

Be a Leader who prioritizes team work

The Heart of a Leader:

Be a leader who is self aware and looks out for others

The Mind of a Leader:

Be a leader who is emotionally intelligent and resilient

The Ears and Mouth of a Leader:

Be a leader who truly takes time to listen and communicates a message that resonates

The Feet of a Leader:

Be a leader who walks the talk The Eyes of a Leader: Be a leader who sees a vision for the future

Topics Covered:

  • Effective Communication, Public Speaking
  • What is Leadership? What is a Servant Leader?
  • Self-Awareness, Motivation
  • Values, Vulnerability
  • Emotional Intelligence,


  • Empathy,
  • Integrity
  • The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback,
  • Resilience,
  • Learning Styles,
  • Leadership Styles and more.

Invest in Yourself Today.
**The registration has been closed.**


After taking part in our global trip and training, you will:

  • Be able to define leadership, identify its components, recognize the qualities of a good leader, and understand how to unleash your own leadership potential.
  • Develop the hard and soft personal leadership skills needed to lead yourself and those you work with, all through fun experiential learning activities.
  • Understand the importance of leadership for your personal and professional development, and will increase your awareness on the attitudes effective leaders uphold.

Participant Profile:

This global trip and training is best catered for university students, youth workers, leaders of informal groups, teachers, trainers, coaches, and people who consider themselves active youth practitioners with an interest in the topic of personal leadership.

Is this right for YOU?

This is a comprehensive training course that is based on experiential learning, personal development and self-reflection. Your willingness to dive into this topic, sharing your own experiences and examples, will directly correlate to your outcomes.

You do not need to have any prior experience with the topics, just a strong motivation and dedication to actively involve yourself in each day of the training.

Time, Date, Location and Cultural Festival:

This culturally rich immersion experience will take place in Las Palmas in the Grand Canary Islands of Spain during the famous Carnival Festival of Las Palmas.  

Arrive March 3rd, in time to participate in “emBODY leadership”. The program runs from March 3rd to March 10th. However you can arrive earlier or leave later to soak in more sun in Las Palmas! If you have a schedule conflict, we can work to adjust to your needs.

If you have a schedule conflict, we can work to adjust to your needs.

Housing and Accommodation:

emBODY Leadership will be held at Atlas Albergue.

We have partnered with Atlas Association because, like us, they are committed to create an alternative to mass tourism by connecting travelers and locals in their local neighborhoods.

We each celebrate travel as a way to promote cultural exchange, environmental awareness and a fair economy.  

Atlas Albergue

We have chosen Las Palmas City for its breadth, historic integrity and beauty.  This small mountain village is located in the local neighborhood of La Isletais, on an island that boasts of a true Canarian Spirit, with little impact by tourist development.  

To learn more about the authentic local culture, and that of each of our participants, all participants can enjoy outdoor activities, talks, film screenings, artisan markets, poetry readings and more.  

For example:  Surrounded by the charm of peeling facades and narrow streets, Mercado del Puerto, a closed-roof marketplace, offers a vibrant tapas night every Friday.  A short walk away, Fabrica La Isleta offers weekly concerts, jam sessions, and more. A stone-throws away from the northernmost end of Las Canteras, you will enjoy a 3.5 km stretch of beach that draws people to Las Palmas year-round. To the north is the iconic El Confital; a rocky beach and outcropping that provides a quiet retreat from the city bustle as well as a world class surf spot.  Atlas walls are splashed with artwork from some aspiring local and international hands. The rooftop boasts a large terrace with great views to enjoy the eternal spring that is a trademark of Las Palmas.

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