WHAT IS LEAP4CHANGE Coaching and Consulting?

LEAP4change (Leaders Educated, Accountable and Partnered for change) is a leadership coaching and consulting program designed to affect real change today while building the leaders of tomorrow. In diverse collaborative partnerships, LEAP coaches students to embody critical leadership and emotional intelligence with 4 educational programs:

What is LEAP Coaching?

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LEAP coaching trains 14-26 year old students, and professionals, to master leadership in diverse local and global partnerships. LEAP coaching empowers partners to design and impact sustainable change in themselves, their community, and their world. To coach for success in today’s global world, every LEAP coach is trained to help students reach their potential in leadership education, emotional intelligence, cultural competence, entrepreneurship, and personal branding.

LEAP Coaches design programs that embody 4 points of distinction:

1. Personal growth in mindfulness, character and resilience

2. Access to higher education and / or professional workforce

3. Programs designed for long term engagement, documentation and portability

4. Diverse partnerships in action in local and global communities

What Is LEAP Consulting?


LEAP Consultants work with individuals, teachers, coaches, schools, civic organizations, corporations and NGO’s to evaluate, design and implement programs of innovative excellence that will stand as a beacon for others to follow. We train professionals to leverage diversity, community, leadership, outreach, education, empowerment and financial resources to resolve acute and chronic crises at home and throughout the world.

LEAP consulting inspires clients, partners and professionals to collaborate to realize their envisioned goals.Through LEAP Consulting, we offer the following services:

Phase 1: Assess Current and Envisioned Program
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  • Leadership and EI – There’s a new way to Lead
  • Diverse Local and Global Partnerships – “We is the new Me”
  • Entrepreneurship – What will you LEAP 4?
  • Branding and Marketing – Your LEAP story starts here…
Phase 2: Program Development
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 Phase 3: Program Implementation
 Phase 4: Measure, re-assess, revise, implement


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“I can’t stop thinking about LEAP; it excites me, and I believe in it. I love the way LEAP intends to break down barriers with our own neighbors before we reach out to a global partner. Imagine what could be accomplished in our own nation if kids began to really connect to each other. There is so much potential here! I know the dreamer in me says things like, “This could change the world;” but I really do believe that LEAP has the potential to do that.”

– Darien High School, English Teacher

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“At first I thought the leadership trainings I had attended were enough and had given me enough leadership knowledge and skills. However, after completing LEAP Training of Trainers (TOT), I was able to discover a new beginning towards achieving the vision and aim of my organization, HOLD Uganda. I have a conviction that I should be a change agent in my community; LEAP helps me to realize this as I am able to meaningfully impact the lives of those in communities around me.

At HOLD Uganda, LEAP brought us together further. LEAP brought cohesion in our team and communities and is central in all HOLD Uganda programming. It is now a policy at HOLD Uganda for all staff to undergo LEAP training. The same applies to HOLD Uganda beneficiaries as a prerequisite for enrollment in our charity programs. This is because the knowledge we have learned from LEAP has directly benefitted our organizational management and leadership. We have realized that all the businesses being run by LEAP trainees in our community are very sustainable and their managers always thank HOLD Uganda for equipping them with LEAP skills on top of other services.”

Charles Mudhumba, Founder of HOLD Uganda

ADI Students

“I believe LEAP enhances the Artistic Dreams International (ADI) curriculum by providing the tools that the children need to become future leaders. It directly touches upon the ADI mission. The leadership components in LEAP create the foundation where we can actually put our mission into motion. We are doing more than just saying we want to create future leaders, but we are also teaching these students how to lead. We’ve consistently seen how the students have become more confident through their art and leadership.

The leadership components in the curriculum that we’ve been working with in ADI has helped me consider more deeply the way that I can interact with my students, having higher expectations for them-in terms of who they are, not just as musicians, but as people. It’s also taught me to have a more holistic view about their lives and what they’re bringing into the classroom. It’s definitely taught me to value their input and give them the opportunity to express themselves.”

– Jasmine Wilson, Artistic Dreams International (ADI) Choral Director, P.S. 125, Harlem, NYC

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“LEAP has enhanced our mission and resolve over the past 6 years. We learned that, yes, it is possible to impact chronic issues in our own communities. By partnering with the students in the U.S., the students in Kibera, Kenya can teach each other to be more exposed to the world and to develop a syllabus to reveal issues that we have that are often universal, such as drugs, bullying, and guns.

LEAP helped us see the importance of social responsibility. LEAP has inspired ideas for our women’s empowerment program, the sanitation and hygiene program, and the first aid program. It is because of our work with LEAP that every child beyond the age of 10 is now responsible for taking care of their health, attending to any kind of first aid, and training their peers and families. To develop exponential impact, when we learn or teach a skill, the students and adults have a responsibility to train and impart that skill to others. Lastly, we are now aware that leadership alone will not sustain the health, wellness and financial stability of our community.  We have to look at our priorities and leverage leadership training in the creation of micro-enterprise businesses.”

– Simeon Ajigo, Executive Director of Facing the Future (FAFU), Kibera, Kenya

There is a new way to
Lead. Change. Together.