Where Does LEAP Make an Impact?

LEAP’s impact can be found anywhere and everywhere, changing lives and creating leaders locally, regionally, and globally.

LEAP Makes a Local and Global Impact

LEAP Works in 7 Areas of Impact

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LEAP4 Education through the Arts

Harlem, NY, Sonora, Mexico

MISSION: Leverage art in after school programs to inspire leadership and impact literacy in global affluent and non affluent communities.
VISION: Develop young artists to know themselves as capable leaders committed to use art and literacy to reduce poverty.
Project: Trained ADI teachers offer weekly art workshops designed to support leadership, family, community and global education.
Impact: http://www.artisticdreams.org/impact.html

Designs by Zoë: LEAP4 Interior and Fashion Design

CT and Bugulumbya, Eastern Uganda

Mission and Vision: Leverage student’s design of pillows, uniforms and women’s sanitation products to build a “pay it forward”, social responsibility, micro-enterprise business committed to empower emotionally and financially stronger communities. Students and professionals learn to work at scale, master vocational and financial literacies, and educate woman and girls who otherwise would not be able to receive an education.
Project: Connect young adults in the US and in Uganda to harness their passion for creativity and financial independence as trained leaders who are socially responsible. Students assess marketability, design and produce their own pillows, uniforms, and women’s health materials, learn vocational skills, procure and pay back loans, commit to sustainable impact and develop financial independence.
Impact: DBZ has designed and produced over 125 pillows in the US, and 60 uniforms in Uganda.

S’Cool Sounds: LEAP4 Music

NYC and Kibera, Kenya

Mission and Vision: Promote music as a common language to build leadership skills, empathy, accountability, appreciation for the power of shared cultural heritage.
Project: Unite three, diverse, school communities to learn a part of a score. Students could not hear the entire score unless they were together either in person or virtually. Once learned, each community then augmented the score with original rhythms to be played amongst the team.
Impact: 100+ students engaged in a program that has continued to run for over 5 years. Students are now able to use music as a way to communicate their passion, their cultural traditions, and their individual talents on instruments indigenous to their communities. Working to Scale: Teams of students are now trained to teach others and are confident enough to perform in public competitions.

Business Development

DBZ: LEAP4 Micro-enterprise

CT and Uganda
Mission and Vision: Coach and train young adults and NGO’s to integrate personal passion, leadership, entrepreneurship, and micro-enterprise to build stronger communities and inspire sustainable change. Students and professionals are coached to develop a cycle of empowerment to run their own business but remain committed to support those more at risk of poverty.
Project and Impact: Proof that young adults from the age of 18-26 can work to scale as they build a social responsibility cycle of empowerment, education, sustainability and financial literacy. In the US, DBZ has sold 50 pillows in 9 stores and trunk shows to generate $10,000 in revenue and establish a $7500 micro-loan in Uganda. DBZ Uganda has trained over 100 students and adults on LEAP to Lead, hired professionals to train students, purchased equipment and rented space from which to sew and train. They received their first contract to make 60 uniforms, an order that will help them repay their loan and generate support for woman in the villages who would not otherwise be able to attend school. Once the US loan is repaid, funds will become available to scale this work in new communities around the globe.

LEAP 2 the TOP: LEAP4 Business Development

Mission and Vision: Empower majority and minority communities to collaborate today for tomorrow’s success. LEAP2 the Top trains students and graduates from underserved communities to partner with diverse peers, apply their classroom knowledge into practice, and provide member businesses with actionable solutions.
Houston, TX, Local and Global Partners TBD

LEAP Kumazima: LEAP4 Micro-enterprise

Mission and Vision: To inspire hope, education, teamwork and financial literacies in the most vulnerable communities, LEAP Kumazima empowers and train elders and youth in workshops focused on leadership, business design, scalability and soccer.
Project: Develop a partnership between high school students in CT and Uganda, assess poverty, leverage education to reduce the achievement gap, and inspire elders and youth to develop and engage in businesses that strengthen community.
Impact: A 19 year old rescued quarry worker in Uganda, now 24 years old, trained to lead with LEAP for 6 years and now runs 2 micro-loans to support 11 businesses, a leadership soccer academy and has trained 100 people committed to also build stronger communities. US high school students in Darien and Norwalk, CT built their team to 100 people and inspired “Back on Track”, a peer to peer tutoring organization.
LEAP Kumazima


Brooks and PEN Sierra Leone: LEAP4Literacy

Mission and Vision: To leverage literacy to inspire student leaders, writers and global education, LEAP4 literacy connects students from USA and Sierra Leone to read, analyze and reflect on A Long Way Gone. Global classrooms inspire leadership, cultural competence, appreciation for education, literacy, writing and empathy.
Project: Connect Brooks School English Classroom, PEN Sierra Leone after school students and a professional writer from IWP to read A Long Way Gone, literature set in Sierra Leone. Impact: This experience created a “global classroom”, for both the students and the professionals involved. The breadth of education for both communities inspired the PEN students to share and write as experts in their country’s history. Students from both countries were trained to speak and listen with empathy and increased emotional intelligence. Overcoming the setbacks of Ebola, professionals and students in Sierra Leone continue to write and inspire children’s literacy in community after school programs.

Mind the Gap: LEAP4 Education

Mission and Vision: To reduce the Achievement Gap, this LEAP empowers students to see their education as relevant to personal success. Mind the Gap educates students to lead in diverse partnerships to simultaneously break down cultural difference and distrust that limit potential.
Project: Students from Darien High School, Brien McMahon and Stamford Boys and Girls Club met weekly to create a judgement free space to train as leaders, educate each other on the importance of empathy and collaboration across all difference, and put their education to work for social change.
Impact: 50 US students, in partnership with 20 Ugandan students, assessed the roots of poverty and deemed that education, character and leadership are the most important antidotes to poverty. Members of the LEAP team hosted Ugandan students and professionals in the US, conducted assemblies and debates, and sat on a panel to educate key stakeholders in the public school system on the issues that perpetuate the achievement gap.

Back on Track: LEAP4 Education

Mission and Vision: Back on Track Peer to Peer tutoring:
Reduce the Achievement Gap by building weekly after school peer to peer tutoring programs with students from Darien High School Juniors and Seniors, and Norwalk Grassroots Tennis Youth. Back on Track is based on the power of personal connections and excellence in education.
Project: Develop a partnership between high school students in CT and Uganda, assess poverty, leverage education to reduce the achievement gap, and build a peer to peer tutoring program..
Impact: 1:1 predictable, personal tutoring took the place of the random tutors of the past, and measurably increased the student’s grades, confidence, understanding of diverse communities, and appreciation for education. Both tutors and students became more confident leaders, respectful and empathetic individuals who were committed to the success of their partnership. This program was designed to ensure increased funding for NGO’s that can augment results for programs that reduce the Achievement Gap, leadership, emotional intelligence and create sustainable impact.

LEAP4 Literacy

Mission and Vision: To prevent students from a life of poverty and abduction, ADI weekly educational workshops empower and inspire elementary and middle school students to value art, literacy and leadership. Students participate in a diverse, global education designed to inspire educated artists committed to local and global change.
Project: After school education workshops in art and leadership inspire students to explore themselves, their family, their community and their world. Each workshop trains students to become more confident, better communicators, and creative, engaged, real world problem solvers.
Impact: 54 ADI LEAP student workshops in NYC measured improvement in reading, math, social engagement and confidence, both in NYC and in Mexico. ADI professionals are measured and coached weekly to ensure strong ongoing, professional development.
ADI Portfolio

Alianza Americana: LEAP4 ESL and Literacy

Mission and Vision: Students from diverse CT communities and Alianza Americana, Nicaragua leverage global partnerships to inspire a passion for literacy, English, Spanish and cultural competencies.
Project: Build a global partnership to expand the level of ESL competencies each student could experience. High school, middle school and young adult Students from Darien, Norwalk and Nicaragua met weekly for a year, designing lesson plans, reading literature, writing and speaking in English and in Spanish.
Impact: The year culminated in a trip to Leon, Nicaragua where the US team engaged in and trained their partners on LEAP to Lead in 2 languages. As a diverse global team, they visited multiple schools, spoke on 2 radio stations and promoted global education, cultural competency, leadership and literacy as integral to one’s future success. Work at Scale: Because LEAP to Lead taught students to reflect on and master language around emotional intelligence, it became a natural extension to both the US and the Alianza Americana ESL advanced curriculum. Student leaders were trained to become coaches for future students and build social enterprise programs in their communities.

Designs by Zoë: LEAP4 Education

Mission and Vision: To build stronger communities, DBZ/HOLD Uganda trains students and professionals in leadership, entrepreneurship, education, empowerment and micro-enterprise. This LEAP coaches young adults to create pillows, uniforms and women’s sanitation products to promote educated leaders, develop financial independence and work to scale programs of social responsibility.
Project: Connect young adults in the US and in Uganda to promote financial independence, education and social responsibility. In both countries, students design their own pillows and uniforms, learn vocational skills, take out and pay back loans, and sew or fund uniforms and women’s health materials that empower education and financial independence.
Impact: Expanded network: Mentors and professionals in both US and Uganda communities have trained young adults on their vocational skills. Work at Scale: LEAP trained 4 people on LEAP to Lead, who have in the past 6 months, trained over 100 community members. Student leaders have been empowered to coach, develop and implement education programs to support the most vulnerable in Uganda.
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LEAP4 Garbage to Energy

Mission and Vision: Use science and education to solve environmental and health issues while simultaneously inspiring financial independence. To work at scale, students built a developed a micro-enterprise garbage to energy program and improved the health and environment in Kibera, Kenya.
Project: As a team of diverse global leaders in both the US and Kibera, high school, young adults and professionals researched, assessed, envisioned, designed, implemented and trained youth and young adults with the tools to implement a sustainable community health care program in the Kibera slum.
Impact: Built a team of racially, social-economically and culturally diverse students and adults who worked together for 4 years. The team developed pre-professional skills such as research, business development, collaboration and team building. To work at scale, they are committed to empower youth to train elders and peers and professionals in 60 schools. Their goal is to train to lead, to change behavior that leads to poor health and garbage laden streets, to design new programs in health care, educate peers on the issues of sanitatio,n and foster emotional intelligence.
If they meet their goals in the upcoming years, the garbage to energy LEAP that started with 4 freshman in high school, and an envisioned 1 day garbage clean up, will impact 12,600 people with hundreds of leaders and a sustainable impact on everyone involved.

Health & Wellness

LEAP4 Anti-Bullying and Social Enterprise

Mission and Vision: In afterschool programs, students from diverse US and Global communities design ways to impact bullying and educate peers on how to build a stronger community. Coaches work to empower youth with the confidence and tools to believe they are integral to the kindness, empathy and strength of their communities.
Project: Students from diverse communities designed and performed skits, UMEWE conversations with middle schoolers, anti bullying walks and art shows to both raise awareness of the impact of bullying, but also empower the bully and the bullied to see themselves as integral to the strength and weakness of their communities.
Impact: Diverse high school students created a judgement free space in which to collaborate for 4 years. This team of students trained as leaders, built a global team, performed and worked with over 1500 students and teachers, broke the bubble of stereotypes and racial divides, identified 7 students at risk of self harm, led UMEWE conversations and chose to become leaders rather than the bully or the bullied.

LEAP4 Community Health Care

Mission: To develop a community health care and first aid program in Kiberan community, LEAP4 Kibera educates adults and youth alike on the safe and necessary actions to take in a medical emergency.
Project: EMT and nurses from Kibera, NYC and CT worked closely together to write a collaborative community health care curriculum and training program to be taught in Kibera. 2 US team members traveled to Kibera to train the Kiberan team with a commitment that they would train others.
Impact: With a commitment to scale this work in 60 schools and afterschool programs, students and professionals from FAFU, Kumazima, US and Peepoople, were trained by LEAP and Africa AHEAD to empower leadership, community health care and eradicate 5 major diseases. This program works to scale and is projected to impact 12,000 people.
See Health Care Cards Created by the Team

HOLD Uganda: LEAP4 Woman’s Health and Treatment Services

Mission and Vision: To work at scale, DBZ/HOLD Uganda builds stronger, healthier communities by empowering youth and adults to integrate a cycle of leadership, education, social and financial entrepreneurship and vocational training. DBZ/HOLD programs inspire health, wellness and leadership to programs that threaten a healthy community, issues like maternal and child health, HIV/AIDS, nutrition, women’s health, and treatment services.
Project: In partnership with LEAP, DBZ, LEAP Kumazima and other NGO communities, HOLD Uganda professionals offer a more heart centered and scalable approach to the education, training and vocational experience they provide to the youth and young adults in their community.
Impact: To Work at Scale, DBZ is a social responsibility impact business committed to collaborate with and empower both DBZ and HOLD Uganda’s leaders to augment programs that in turn yield increased funding to build healthier and financially strong communities around the world.

Off the Mat: LEAP4 Yoga and Breath

Mission and Vision: LEAP off the Mat will connect youth, adults and women in shelters to unleash the power of breathe in yoga to relieve stress, heal, and immerse themselves as leaders in their community. Students will strive to meet their potential as leaders who are inspired to collaborate with diverse communities to make significant change in their world.
Portland, Maine, Partners Needed

Social Justice

LEAP4 Foster Youth, Veterans and Global Orphans

Mission and Vision: Partner veterans and foster youth in empowerment based programs committed to leverage a “family” network. This LEAP will prove that vulnerable partners, from disparate demographics, can be coached to make a positive emotional and financial impact on the self, their surrounding communities and the greater world.
Project: Train and empower foster youth and veterans to build a trusting “family” network that results in both personal and community development. Integrate the following intentional pillars:
Build empowerment based partnerships with vulnerable high school Foster Youth, high school peers, Veterans, Global peers, Education Consultants, and LEAP coaches.
Train Vets and Youth to value collaborative team building, leadership, emotional intelligence, education, financial literacy, and personal marketing and branding.
Focus on emotional and financial independence, sustainable impact and community building.
Ensure each participant builds a story of impact, s/he can leverage with pride, to access college and job opportunities.
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LEAP4 Kumazima Soccer Academy

Mission and Vision: LEAP Kumazima Soccer Academy trains male youth in soccer and leadership in Kampala, Uganda. Participants are coached by empowered leaders and coaches committed to building stronger communities.
Project: LEAP Kumazima uses soccer to engage the male youth and elders in our community. The Soccer and Leadership program allows community members to share about life and promote and improve their talents through leadership training on and off the pitch. Leadership training for the athletes occurs, in most cases, before trainings and on Match days. Through the Soccer and Leadership program, we’ve managed to promote some the boys to higher levels both in soccer and leadership coaching. Example, Joseph Nsubuga, who participated in the Leap to Lead leadership training class, now represents the National Uganda soccer team, The Cranes.
Impact: Stephencanon, at the age of 24, has envisioned, designed, funded and implemented LEAP Kumazima, a leadership soccer academy for the most vulnerable youth in Kampala. Over 100 youth and young adults are engaged in soccer and leadership training to ensure they are connected to a safe network of mentors, coaches, peers and role models. To work at scale, each student, young adult and coach are trained to lead themselves and others, become more resilient, seize the opportunities that seem out of reach, respect others and scale the tools and leverage soccer to scale the impact of LEAP to Lead in their broader communities. communities.in their broader communities cool!.
LEAP Kumazima