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We are always recruiting passionate and dedicated educators to join the Leap4change coaching team. Leap4change is committed to leverage education to inspire stronger, collaborative individuals and communities around the globe. LEAP coaches are educators who coach 14-26 year old students, as well as their professional peers, to build diverse partnerships of local and global students. A LEAP coach will train partners to design and impact sustainable change in themselves, their community, and their world. To coach for success in today’s global world, every LEAP coach empowers each partner to reach their potential in leadership education, emotional intelligence, cultural competence, entrepreneurship, and personal branding.

Individuals selected for the Leap4change coaching team will be trained to coach using LEAP to Lead, an 18-hour experiential leadership training curriculum that is designed to inspire vision and voice in students, partners, and peers. To reflect educational interests, talents, and goals, LEAP coaches customize both their LEAP mission and partnership with individuals from local and global schools and educational organizations. They choose to educate in one of 7 areas of impact: education, the arts, business development, environment, health and wellness, sports, and social justice. Each LEAP becomes an intentional story of impact that is assessed, measured, marketed, and leveraged to open doors to higher education and job opportunities.

LEAP coaches implement and grow their LEAPs in weekly 1-2 hour workshops. Coaches are compensated for their commitment to the leadership training and program development process with the understanding that they begin their program within four months of training. LEAP coaching salaries apply once programming has begun.


    • Interest, dedication, passion, and enthusiasm for improving a community and the world through diverse partnerships and leadership education. Because you can choose to educate in 7 areas of impact: education, the arts, business development, environment, health and wellness, sports and social justice your area of passion is not as important as your passion to impact.
    • Strong interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to work effectively as a team with other peers, professionals, coaches, students, educators and organizations. Work can be in person and virtual.
    • Teaching and training experience, including lesson planning and classroom management skills are extremely valuable. If you do not have experience but want to learn to coach, you are welcome to apply to co-coach with our experienced LEAP coaches.
    • Candidates must be self-motivated, responsible, and committed to the LEAP process.
    • ntrepreneurial and out of the box thinkers will reach success more quickly.
    • Strong organizational skills with the ability to meet deadlines.
    • Local and Global connections are helpful.

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“If you have not attended LEAP training you are incomplete, it doesn’t matter how many other qualifications that you have attained, LEAP is unique and it’s one size for all whether illiterate or literate, villager or town dweller…you need LEAP knowledge.”
– Charles Mudhumba, LEAP Coach in Uganda