Meet your neighbor… Zoe Calahan

While many teenagers set their sights on college after finishing high school, Darien High School graduate Zoe Calahan had a more global vision in mind…Calahan embraced this mission by founding Designs By Zoe, a nonprofit where all funds from the decorative pillows Calahan designs go toward a community in Uganda… read more.

Brown University Founder Fridays: Lauren Calahan ’82

Join us with Brown alum and founder, Lauren Kimberly Calahan ’82 for a discussion about her career, how she navigates the entrepreneurial process through her own startup, and how entrepreneurs can now inspire exponential rather than short term change. read more.

Youth Coach Romy Solomon Fights Slavery With Hands-On Approach

Since she was just seven years old, Romy Solomon has been determined to change the world. Fast forward twenty years and Romy has already had a long career in making that dream come true…read more.

The Leap4change Program: Successfully Connecting Youth With Other Cultures

What Lauren Calahan has created with LEAP is making a significant difference in the lives of young people. And it should be replicated throughout the country…read more.

LEAP students tackle literacy gaps in surrounding towns

Through the Leap4change program, Izzy Lee a recent Darien High School graduate, and junior Sam Stine were able to create and implement a project over the last year to tackle the literacy gap in surrounding towns….read more.

Darien senior promotes leadership in Nicaragua

For Darien High School senior Holly Gordon, Uganda and Nicaragua are only a short leap from one another, especially when students in each community make a commitment to impact shared, issues…read more.

Why Mentorship Matters

Prior to taking off in July, we had the opportunity to work with Lauren Calahan from LEAP to Lead. Lauren has been running and advising youth development programs across the globe for almost 30 years…read more.

Introducing….The Artistic Dreams International Literacy and Leadership Initiative!

This summer, Artistic Dreams International teamed up with Leap4change to redesign our curriculum to incorporate literacy and leadership skills into all of our classes. more.

Youth Voice in Action

A Youth Forum in Norwalk, in partnership with Leap4change, invites students from Stamford, Darien, New Canaan and Norwalk to discuss the personal obstacles and opportunities impacting their education…read more.

Building a Business that Gives Back: D by Z

Zoe says, “Because of my training and work with LEAP, I felt I had the skills to make this happen.”…read more.