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6th Year


Our Mission & Vision

MISSION: We strive to equip young men, women, and adults with knowledge and skills in the areas of leadership, behavioral conduct, sexual reproductive health, entrepreneurship, and talent development.

VISION: We create responsible and educated leaders who commit to use their knowledge to change their communities and the lives of others.

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I realized that education alone did not give students or adults the tools needed to succeed. Attracted to the values and practices of Leap4change, I found hope and leadership coaching skills with a unique local and global partnership with peers from CT, USA.

“People need to know about LEAP, about what we are doing, how we build it, how it changes us, and how it will grow. LEAP shows us that leadership is everywhere. Leadership is not only found in the director of an organization, leadership is a God given gift that everyone owns in himself. LEAP teaches us that we have to lead ourselves, make decisions for ourselves, and handle issues that come up in our normal lives.”

I committed myself to leadership and academic education for vulnerable individuals. I created LEAP Kumazima, with a mission to equip youth, woman in business, and adults with leadership, soccer and/or micro-finance training. I built sustainable global partnerships, trained my team as entrepreneurs, taught behavioral conduct, and provided sexual health information.

Today, to my surprise, LEAP Kumazima leverages leadership and micro-loans to support 10 adults and their businesses, ranging from chickens to mechanics, fashion design and restaurants. I have discovered that building confidence, empowerment, collaboration, and resilience, with the women and young adults of Kampala, Uganda, is a recipe for stronger community development.

One of the things I love to do is play football. It’s a productive stress reliever and so I play it often. Then I discovered I was good at teaching my football skills to young players, so I earned a certificate in training and coaching football.

Most recently, I decided to pair my football coaching with LEAP leadership training, and launch Kumazima Soccer Academy. I registered Kumazima with the government and can now provide players with the opportunity to build their leadership talents on and off the pitch. Moreover, the leadership training has improved the team’s performance in their division league.
Before we started the LEAP to Lead training we would see the discipline was down. The kids were fighting, letting individuals bring negative ideas to the pitch, and undermining the players and their ideas. When I look at these kids now, on the pitch and in the classroom (with the LEAP to Lead training), they are willing to speak up, no matter their size. The players realize everyone is a leader and the ‘captain of his ship or position on the pitch

Most inspirational, many of the players who have completed the LEAP leadership training are now coaching and inspiring other youth and elders.

If I say, ‘Today we will be led by this student,’ (one of the smallest in the room or on the pitch), the group is amazed because while he might be the smallest boy, he shows us that even the young can drum and the big can dance. He shows us that someone young can start something, and the old can learn and follow. He shows us that creativity is not only based on one person, it is based on team-work and collaboration. It is so touching to see someone who was drowning and helpless in school transition as he decides to join this LEAP class. He meets new people who he never thought would be of help to him. He starts to realize he has the opportunity to get a scholarship if he starts to take his studies seriously. He starts to realize that life is about the times when you take the opportunities in front of you, and meet new people, and see what tomorrow can be. The class has taught us that together, we can create the opportunities to get new chances.

Partners with LEAP now for 6 years, LEAP Kumazima is now an inspiration to our community and other global communities. Imagine, me, a 19 year old rescued quarry worker, finishing school, choosing leadership, training and working for years to achieve my goals of community and business development. Imagine the impact of 11 businesses on 11 families, their employees, their children, their financial stability and their surroundings. I’ve tried to be an exemplary role model for all young adults who feel they are not wealthy enough or trained enough to build a business or lead their elders. I’m proof that young people can make sustainable community change.


Areas of Impact



LEAP Coach Lauren Calahan
New Canaan, CT
Mukama Stephencanon Magulumali

Darien, CT

Norwalk, CT




Fundraising Needs: 4300$ for 11 businesses

Core Area Need: Funding for the building and equipment of a sport social utility center

Training material: football boots, Jerseys and training kits for various sports, cones, soccer hose (socks), shin guards, footballs, and first aid medical facilities; Kits, balls, running shoes, nets, and all other sports equipment and materials.


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