Arts… Impact our World


LEAP4 Education through the Arts

Harlem, NY, Sonora, Mexico

MISSION: Leverage art in after school programs to inspire leadership and impact literacy in global affluent and non affluent communities.
VISION: Develop young artists to know themselves as capable leaders committed to use art and literacy to reduce poverty.
Project: Trained ADI teachers offer weekly art workshops designed to support leadership, family, community and global education.

Designs by Zoë: LEAP4 Interior and Fashion Design

CT and Bugulumbya, Eastern Uganda

Mission and Vision: Leverage student’s design of pillows, uniforms and women’s sanitation products to build a “pay it forward”, social responsibility, micro-enterprise business committed to empower emotionally and financially stronger communities. Students and professionals learn to work at scale, master vocational and financial literacies, and educate woman and girls who otherwise would not be able to receive an education.
Project: Connect young adults in the US and in Uganda to harness their passion for creativity and financial independence as trained leaders who are socially responsible. Students assess marketability, design and produce their own pillows, uniforms, and women’s health materials, learn vocational skills, procure and pay back loans, commit to sustainable impact and develop financial independence.
Impact: DBZ has designed and produced over 125 pillows in the US, and 60 uniforms in Uganda.

S’Cool Sounds: LEAP4 Music

NYC and Kibera, Kenya

Mission and Vision: Promote music as a common language to build leadership skills, empathy, accountability, appreciation for the power of shared cultural heritage.
Project: Unite three, diverse, school communities to learn a part of a score. Students could not hear the entire score unless they were together either in person or virtually. Once learned, each community then augmented the score with original rhythms to be played amongst the team.
Impact: 100+ students engaged in a program that has continued to run for over 5 years. Students are now able to use music as a way to communicate their passion, their cultural traditions, and their individual talents on instruments indigenous to their communities. Working to Scale: Teams of students are now trained to teach others and are confident enough to perform in public competitions.