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Brooks and PEN Sierra Leone: LEAP4Literacy

Mission and Vision: To leverage literacy to inspire student leaders, writers and global education, LEAP4 literacy connects students from USA and Sierra Leone to read, analyze and reflect on A Long Way Gone. Global classrooms inspire leadership, cultural competence, appreciation for education, literacy, writing and empathy.
Project: Connect Brooks School English Classroom, PEN Sierra Leone after school students and a professional writer from IWP to read A Long Way Gone, literature set in Sierra Leone. Impact: This experience created a “global classroom”, for both the students and the professionals involved. The breadth of education for both communities inspired the PEN students to share and write as experts in their country’s history. Students from both countries were trained to speak and listen with empathy and increased emotional intelligence. Overcoming the setbacks of Ebola, professionals and students in Sierra Leone continue to write and inspire children’s literacy in community after school programs.

Mind the Gap: LEAP4 Education

Mission and Vision: To reduce the Achievement Gap, this LEAP empowers students to see their education as relevant to personal success. Mind the Gap educates students to lead in diverse partnerships to simultaneously break down cultural difference and distrust that limit potential.
Project: Students from Darien High School, Brien McMahon and Stamford Boys and Girls Club met weekly to create a judgement free space to train as leaders, educate each other on the importance of empathy and collaboration across all difference, and put their education to work for social change.
Impact: 50 US students, in partnership with 20 Ugandan students, assessed the roots of poverty and deemed that education, character and leadership are the most important antidotes to poverty. Members of the LEAP team hosted Ugandan students and professionals in the US, conducted assemblies and debates, and sat on a panel to educate key stakeholders in the public school system on the issues that perpetuate the achievement gap.

Back on Track: LEAP4 Education

Mission and Vision: Back on Track Peer to Peer tutoring:
Reduce the Achievement Gap by building weekly after school peer to peer tutoring programs with students from Darien High School Juniors and Seniors, and Norwalk Grassroots Tennis Youth. Back on Track is based on the power of personal connections and excellence in education.
Project: Develop a partnership between high school students in CT and Uganda, assess poverty, leverage education to reduce the achievement gap, and build a peer to peer tutoring program..
Impact: 1:1 predictable, personal tutoring took the place of the random tutors of the past, and measurably increased the student’s grades, confidence, understanding of diverse communities, and appreciation for education. Both tutors and students became more confident leaders, respectful and empathetic individuals who were committed to the success of their partnership. This program was designed to ensure increased funding for NGO’s that can augment results for programs that reduce the Achievement Gap, leadership, emotional intelligence and create sustainable impact.

LEAP4 Literacy

Mission and Vision: To prevent students from a life of poverty and abduction, ADI weekly educational workshops empower and inspire elementary and middle school students to value art, literacy and leadership. Students participate in a diverse, global education designed to inspire educated artists committed to local and global change.
Project: After school education workshops in art and leadership inspire students to explore themselves, their family, their community and their world. Each workshop trains students to become more confident, better communicators, and creative, engaged, real world problem solvers.
Impact: 54 ADI LEAP student workshops in NYC measured improvement in reading, math, social engagement and confidence, both in NYC and in Mexico. ADI professionals are measured and coached weekly to ensure strong ongoing, professional development.
ADI Portfolio

Alianza Americana: LEAP4 ESL and Literacy

Mission and Vision: Students from diverse CT communities and Alianza Americana, Nicaragua leverage global partnerships to inspire a passion for literacy, English, Spanish and cultural competencies.
Project: Build a global partnership to expand the level of ESL competencies each student could experience. High school, middle school and young adult Students from Darien, Norwalk and Nicaragua met weekly for a year, designing lesson plans, reading literature, writing and speaking in English and in Spanish.
Impact: The year culminated in a trip to Leon, Nicaragua where the US team engaged in and trained their partners on LEAP to Lead in 2 languages. As a diverse global team, they visited multiple schools, spoke on 2 radio stations and promoted global education, cultural competency, leadership and literacy as integral to one’s future success. Work at Scale: Because LEAP to Lead taught students to reflect on and master language around emotional intelligence, it became a natural extension to both the US and the Alianza Americana ESL advanced curriculum. Student leaders were trained to become coaches for future students and build social enterprise programs in their communities.

Designs by Zoë: LEAP4 Education

Mission and Vision: To build stronger communities, DBZ/HOLD Uganda trains students and professionals in leadership, entrepreneurship, education, empowerment and micro-enterprise. This LEAP coaches young adults to create pillows, uniforms and women’s sanitation products to promote educated leaders, develop financial independence and work to scale programs of social responsibility.
Project: Connect young adults in the US and in Uganda to promote financial independence, education and social responsibility. In both countries, students design their own pillows and uniforms, learn vocational skills, take out and pay back loans, and sew or fund uniforms and women’s health materials that empower education and financial independence.
Impact: Expanded network: Mentors and professionals in both US and Uganda communities have trained young adults on their vocational skills. Work at Scale: LEAP trained 4 people on LEAP to Lead, who have in the past 6 months, trained over 100 community members. Student leaders have been empowered to coach, develop and implement education programs to support the most vulnerable in Uganda.
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