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LEAP4 Human Trafficking Prevention

Mission: To empower high school students to understand human trafficking and its root causes and take initiative to prevent it locally and globally.
Vision: We envision a world where young people feel they have the knowledge, power, and tools to prevent human trafficking and modern day slavery. We will create a platform where high school students can become leaders in their communities and utilize their personal interests, talents, hobbies, and passions to prevent human trafficking and address its root causes.

LEAP4 Foster Youth, Veterans and Global Orphans

Mission and Vision: Partner veterans and foster youth in empowerment based programs committed to leverage a “family” network. This LEAP will prove that vulnerable partners, from disparate demographics, can be coached to make a positive emotional and financial impact on the self, their surrounding communities and the greater world.
Project: Train and empower foster youth and veterans to build a trusting “family” network that results in both personal and community development. Integrate the following intentional pillars:
Build empowerment based partnerships with vulnerable high school Foster Youth, high school peers, Veterans, Global peers, Education Consultants, and LEAP coaches.
Train Vets and Youth to value collaborative team building, leadership, emotional intelligence, education, financial literacy, and personal marketing and branding.
Focus on emotional and financial independence, sustainable impact and community building.
Ensure each participant builds a story of impact, s/he can leverage with pride, to access college and job opportunities.
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