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DBZ: LEAP4 Micro-enterprise

CT and Uganda
Mission and Vision: Coach and train young adults and NGO’s to integrate personal passion, leadership, entrepreneurship, and micro-enterprise to build stronger communities and inspire sustainable change. Students and professionals are coached to develop a cycle of empowerment to run their own business but remain committed to support those more at risk of poverty.
Project and Impact: Proof that young adults from the age of 18-26 can work to scale as they build a social responsibility cycle of empowerment, education, sustainability and financial literacy. In the US, DBZ has sold 50 pillows in 9 stores and trunk shows to generate $10,000 in revenue and establish a $7500 micro-loan in Uganda. DBZ Uganda has trained over 100 students and adults on LEAP to Lead, hired professionals to train students, purchased equipment and rented space from which to sew and train. They received their first contract to make 60 uniforms, an order that will help them repay their loan and generate support for woman in the villages who would not otherwise be able to attend school. Once the US loan is repaid, funds will become available to scale this work in new communities around the globe.
Hold Uganda

LEAP 2 the TOP: LEAP4 Business Development

Mission and Vision: Empower majority and minority communities to collaborate today for tomorrow’s success. LEAP2 the Top trains students and graduates from underserved communities to partner with diverse peers, apply their classroom knowledge into practice, and provide member businesses with actionable solutions.
Houston, TX, Local and Global Partners TBD

LEAP Kumazima: LEAP4 Micro-enterprise

Mission and Vision: To inspire hope, education, teamwork and financial literacies in the most vulnerable communities, LEAP Kumazima empowers and train elders and youth in workshops focused on leadership, business design, scalability and soccer.
Project: Develop a partnership between high school students in CT and Uganda, assess poverty, leverage education to reduce the achievement gap, and inspire elders and youth to develop and engage in businesses that strengthen community.
Impact: A 19 year old rescued quarry worker in Uganda, now 24 years old, trained to lead with LEAP for 6 years and now runs 2 micro-loans to support 11 businesses, a leadership soccer academy and has trained 100 people committed to also build stronger communities. US high school students in Darien and Norwalk, CT built their team to 100 people and inspired “Back on Track”, a peer to peer tutoring organization.
LEAP Kumazima

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