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LEAP4 Kumazima Soccer Academy

Mission and Vision: LEAP Kumazima Soccer Academy trains male youth in soccer and leadership in Kampala, Uganda. Participants are coached by empowered leaders and coaches committed to building stronger communities.
Project: LEAP Kumazima uses soccer to engage the male youth and elders in our community. The Soccer and Leadership program allows community members to share about life and promote and improve their talents through leadership training on and off the pitch. Leadership training for the athletes occurs, in most cases, before trainings and on Match days. Through the Soccer and Leadership program, we’ve managed to promote some the boys to higher levels both in soccer and leadership coaching. Example, Joseph Nsubuga, who participated in the Leap to Lead leadership training class, now represents the National Uganda soccer team, The Cranes.
Impact: Stephencanon, at the age of 24, has envisioned, designed, funded and implemented LEAP Kumazima, a leadership soccer academy for the most vulnerable youth in Kampala. Over 100 youth and young adults are engaged in soccer and leadership training to ensure they are connected to a safe network of mentors, coaches, peers and role models. To work at scale, each student, young adult and coach are trained to lead themselves and others, become more resilient, seize the opportunities that seem out of reach, respect others and scale the tools and leverage soccer to scale the impact of LEAP to Lead in their broader communities. their broader communities.
LEAP Kumazima

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